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Classes of our taxi in Kyiv

our advantages

Express Taxi Kyiv

Vehicle Fleet More than 600 cars are ready to provide the highest quality services
No extra charge We guarantee a fixed price, no surcharges
Преимущества заказа Экспресс Такси
100% arrival guarantee Once processed, your order will never be cancelled
Round the clock work We work 24/7 without days off

what do we offer

Services of Express Taxi vehicle fleet

We have created our taxi to help you find the most reliable and highest quality services anytime, anywhere. All our drivers are professionals with many years of driving experience.

Online order
The posibility to order a taxi on the website with an online form
Our taxi will pick you up on time, at any time of the day
Taxi to the airport
We will take you to the airport quickly and comfortably
Taxi with POS-Terminal
The ability to pay for a trip with a credit card

5 reasons to choose "Express taxi Kyiv"

Calling a taxi in Kyiv, you never know if you will get a professional and polite driver, or will ride in some suspicious and rude gypsy cab. For this reason, we recommend you to only use services of well-known companies - for example, Express Taxi Kyiv. Doing so, you can call a taxi at any time of the day or night - and the service you receive will always be flawless. There are five reasons to choose our company.

All our taxi services in Kyiv are legal and safe

If some individual decides to earn quick money as a taxi driver, he does not need to care about his reputation and is not concerned about being responsible for the passenger or his cargo. If an accident happens, proving his guilt and making him responsible would be problematic. On the other hand, Express Taxi only uses its own vehicles for the transportation of its passengers, which are properly registered and have undergone a proper technical checkup. All phone calls are recorded, cars are tracked and drivers have their own rating, which affects their salary.

An individual approach when ordering a taxi in Kyiv

Taxi services in Kyiv imply different levels of comfort of transport, each with different tariffs. For example, our company in Kyiv offers 5 classes of cars:

  • Economy;
  • Standard;
  • Comfort;
  • Business;
  • Premium.

All cars differ in level of comfort, but the tariffs for ordering these cars are different as well, so each client can find a suitable car for his individual circumstances.

Our services and taxi app

Not all taxis in Kyiv will take pre-orders or meet people at airports. "Express taxi”, however, can help solving a variety of problems - meeting people at train stations, or even offering chauffeuring service if the car owner is not able to drive because of an injury or recent alcohol intake.

Besides that, we have developed a taxi booking application, both for Android and for iOS. The application shows available drivers near your address, shows the shortest route to your destination and calculates the exact cost of the trip. Online taxi booking is very popular among young and middle-aged people, who don’t want to keep a lot of taxi phone numbers in their phone contacts.

Our customers never have to guess the cost of the trip or be nervous that they don’t have enough cash to pay for the trip. Firstly, the exact cost of each taxi ride is voiced by the operator before the order is confirmed by the client. Secondly, you can pay with your card in all our taxis, so having no cash on you is never a problem. Our taxi drivers are the most honest in Kyiv - they always have change, never charge you more than the agreed fare and never demand tips.