Taxi in Kyiv. Order the cheapest taxi in Kyiv

Taxi (Kyiv) – one of the most claimed services in the capital of our country. A city dictates the terms and requires an implicit submission to the rules, one of them – to "be in the right place and at the right time".

Do you want to reach to the necessary place quickly and comfortably? Do you search a cheap taxi? Call to the "Express-Taxi"!

Citizens of Kyiv, Kherson and Lviv during many years can see the "Express-Taxi" cars on the streets of the city, in airports and on the railway stations.

Company was founded in 1999 and improved itself all the time. Today the "Express-Taxi" is single service. We work at your disposal twenty-four-hours, 7 days in a week without a weekend. We offer such services as:

  • load division;
  • service of emergency locks opening;
  • the cheapest taxi in Kyiv;
  • hire van;
  • urgent vehicle recovery on the road and tow track;
  • services of VIP-transportations.

What is the most important for those, who use taxi services? Probably, it is possibility to accomplish the call of taxi in Kyiv inexpensively, with a comfort and fast. In fact is it difficult to argue with it, does not it? In the "Express-Taxi" we don not argue with clients, and vice versa, try to satisfy their wishes, provide the best service.

Is there a cheap taxi in Kyiv? It is real now!

Familiar for everybody situation, is when it is necessary to call a taxi, but all operators answer that there are no free cars. We assure you, that, calling in the "Express-Taxi", you will not hear such words. Our car fleet is very big, and drivers always ready to deliver you to appointed address.

We attentively look for the development of technical progress and uses new technologies and services in our work, we try to correspond to the request of the most whimsical clients. We always care of your comfort and do not forget about safety of our passengers – all cars and clients in "Express-Taxi" are insured.

The "Express-Taxi" is cheap and comfortable. We many years experience in transportations of passenger and freight, we use the accumulated knowledge for providing the best service, improving year-to-year.

What are the main advantages of the "Express-Taxi"?

  • Quickly – due to operative execution of orders and large car fleet, we will provide a car in the shortest time.
  • Cheap – on all our services we have competitive prices.
  • Advantageously – for permanent and corporate clients we have the flexible system of discounts and special discount programs.
  • Reliably – in our car fleet we have only safe cars that are managed by professional drivers.
  • Comfortably – you will be offered the wide spectrum of services: the "Driver", "Incognito", "Meeting in an airport and on the railway station”.

To order a cheap taxi (in Kyiv) – it is rather difficult. Our drivers are ready to manage this problem. Do you wish to know how they will succeed with it? Everything is simple. Our drivers are good professionals. Due to good knowledge of the city they choose the most optimal route, avoiding traffic jams.

City rhythm requires modern system of work and for this reason we apply computer technologies of receiving orders and taxi servicing. Such system allows to control all this process. In addition, you have the possibility to order the cheapest taxi in Kyiv on-line through the internet on our website.

Trip with the "Express-Taxi" is a guarantee that all our passengers will be delivered comfortably and safely on the specified address. All our drivers work on their own cars and due to it we formed the greatest car fleet in Ukraine. In addition, we have our own service station and all our cars make technical checkup and always correspond to all technical standards.

If you decided to order the cheapest taxi in Kyiv, our company is ready to receive and perform your order. To call a taxi: (044) 239-15-15, (050) 239-15-15, (096) 239-15-15, (063) 239-15-15.

(044 | 050 | 096 | 063) 239-15-15

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