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A lot of people every day use the services of taxi. Therefore, our service «Express Taxi» constantly works not only on providing a high level of comfort during the trip, but also the convenience of ordering taxi. If you don’t have a possibility to call our service, but you have an access to Internet, you can place your order on our website. But it would be even more convenient to use the app «Express Taxi». Just a couple of clicks on your smartphone and your desired car is called, and after 15 minutes will come to you. You can download free taxi application from our website by clicking on the appropriate link.

You will feel the efficiency of the application immediately after using. This is especially convenient for people who feel uncomfortable when dealing with strangers, in this case, when calling to operator of service. Now, this won’t be necessary. In addition the app allows you to calculate the cost of the trip at the rates that apply at the moment. Due to this you can always plan your budget. Carrying out pre-order is also convenient, which will be executed at the time you specify. For example, if you need to be at the station at the designated time, taking care of the car call in advance you can be confident that the car will arrive on time. You won't have to ring up all the possible taxi service looking for a free machine in rush.

You can download the taxi app for Android while searching the in «Play Market». Downloading the taxi mobile app and installing it on your smartphone is easy. You are required minimal handling skills with the smartphone.

To place an order you must specify the trip data. Do not forget to specify the time when you will need a car. In the application you can order any of our services, such as express delivery or a premium car. The complete list of services can be found on our website.

Taxi program was designed for iOS and Android. Therefore, no matter what mobile device you have, you can always install the taxi app.

Android owners can download the taxi application by clicking on the direct link:

For iOS owners:

«Express Taxi» is the best taxi application in Kiev!

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