Active development of information technology hasn’t already surprised anybody; it greatly simplifies our everyday tasks. Creation and development of the global Internet has opened up the possibility of us to easily organize a variety of activities, which are also associated with the work of a taxi, which saves our valuable time. Our service "Express Taxi" offers, for your comfort, to use our online resource by means of which you can call a taxi online or carry out online payment for taxi in Kiev. We guarantee you a high level of comfort throughout the entire ride.

Since Kiev is very big city, in order to get from one part of town to another you have to spend a lot of time or to wait for urban transport, and then to go to work, home or go on business in crowded transport. However, the best option is to book a taxi online. We have done a lot of work to make calling a taxi for you was a simple, affordable and convenient.

Our service is constantly working on improving its Internet resources, with the help of which you can get all necessary information you are interested in about our service, or order taxi online. We are confident that even inexperienced users of the Internet will cope on with this task. To place an order you will be required to fill in a simple form where you enter trip data, and after sending a request, the right car will arrive to you in a little while. Moreover, you can immediately calculate the cost of a taxi trip online. This will allow you to distribute the available budget immediately, taking into consideration the cost of the taxi service, especially it will be helpful for regular customers.

Our service "Express Taxi" can offer you the following services:

  • transportation to the destination at the lowest prices;
  • cargo taxi;
  • carriage of passengers at the wheel of your car;
  • riding through the city on our car with no markings;
  • transportation on cars of premium classes, with the ability to pay with card;
  • taxi for servicing events;
  • luggage delivery to the specified address;
  • client meeting at the destination;
  • operational technical maintenance of your car.

You can also enjoy all these services while ordering a taxi online. We have a large fleet of cars, so turning to us, you can be sure that we will find a car for you, which will come as soon as possible. All our drivers are polite, well aware of the city and the region and also have high professional experience.

Make an order of taxi online in Kiev online on our website.

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